11 Jun

In mortgage reinsurance, the only constant is change »

By Freddie Scarratt
“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place,” stated the Red Queen to Alice in Lewis Carroll’s classic Through the Looking-G

20 Apr

Underwriting AI – Rage against the machine(s) »

Mankind’s mistrust of robots has been well documented through many years of dystopian science fiction.

10 Apr

Loss Portfolio Transfers and Adverse Development Covers: A capital efficient mechanism under Solvency II »

Optimal use of capital has become a regular and key feature of (re)insurance company agenda across the management spectrum.

21 Mar

  • By Simon Behagg
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Capsicum Re to serve as reinsurance broker for the IMAGIN mortgage pilot program »

Capsicum Re, the specialist reinsurance broker, today confirms its role as reinsurance broker working with the Arch Capital Group Ltd.’s (NASDAQ:ACGL) new Washington D.C.

15 Mar

Reinsurance vs. Sub-Debt: Does Solvency II favour reinsurance or subordinated debt? »

Risk carriers can increase their solvency ratios either by increasing their capital (Solvency II’s ‘Own Funds’), or by reducing solvency capital requirements (SII’s ‘SCR’).

16 Nov

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Addressing Non-Affirmative Cyber Report 2017 »

Executive Summary
The insurance industry needs to address non-affirmative cyber in a meaningful way.

04 Oct

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Caps Re Launches Cyber Report »

Capsicum Re, the specialist reinsurance broker, is today launching its report ‘Addressing Non-Affirmative Cyber’.

20 Sep

Mexico Earthquake Updates and Hurricane Maria News »

On 19th September 1985, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck Mexico.

08 Sep

Hurricane Irma Updates & Insurance Impact »

Reinsurance Analytics Update: Hurricanes, earthquakes and solar flares
Hurricane Irma continues its path of destruction.

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