16 Nov

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Addressing Non-Affirmative Cyber Report 2017 »

Executive Summary
The insurance industry needs to address non-affirmative cyber in a meaningful way.

04 Oct

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Caps Re Launches Cyber Report »

Capsicum Re, the specialist reinsurance broker, is today launching its report ‘Addressing Non-Affirmative Cyber’.

20 Sep

Mexico Earthquake Updates and Hurricane Maria News »

On 19th September 1985, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck Mexico.

08 Sep

Hurricane Irma Updates & Insurance Impact »

Reinsurance Analytics Update: Hurricanes, earthquakes and solar flares
Hurricane Irma continues its path of destruction.

17 Aug

Is Brazil the next insurance giant? »

Continued from Brazil – Insurance in the land of uncertainty
Opportunities for international insurers and reinsurers in Brazil are currently mixed at best, although the market’s pote

17 Aug

Brazil: Insurance in the land of uncertainty »

With Brexit and the Trump presidency, ‘uncertainty’ has become the new bogeyman of business on both sides of the Atlantic.

05 Jul

Driverless Cars and the Insurance Industry »

Autonomous Cars once existed solely in the realms of science fiction, brought to life by such memorable machines as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Herbie.

03 Jul

Corporate responsibility »

Corporate responsibility is a hot topic and standard business practice in the reinsurance industry, for good reason.

22 May

Reinsurance: the cyber solution »

This is one of the most difficult market environments that the insurance industry has seen for decades.

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