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Analytics is a key part of the delivery of modern reinsurance. At Capsicum Re we believe the key service a broker must deliver is translation of the output, not simple reliance on the model itself. That is where we excel. Capsicum Re has extensive actuarial and geo-spatial modelling capabilities. Analytics teams based in London, the US and Latin America work alongside Capsicum Re’s specialist brokers, deploying the full range of modelling and exposure software from the leading suppliers. Together they are able to transform modelled outputs on perils ranging from country-specific earthquake risk to worldwide cyber exposures into actionable insight which goes well beyond the numbers.

Dynamic Financial Analysis: CapMetric

CapMetric, Capsicum Re’s in-house Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA) tool, is a critical part of this capability. CapMetric provides:

  • Ceded reinsurance evaluation and optimisation
  • Risk adjusted capital allocation and pricing
  • Asset portfolio optimisation


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