Nuclear Risks

What we do

Few risks are larger, more complex, or more potentially impactful than nuclear risk. Over thirty years, Capsicum Re’s nuclear re/insurance specialists have been involved with every nuclear insurer on the planet, whether mutual or conventional. The team has longstanding relationships with all entities that have demonstrated an appetite for nuclear risk. Their involvement, from structuring to placement, in scores of transactions, has left the team with a huge reservoir of technical knowledge covering every aspect of nuclear risk transfer and capital provision and the ability to efficiently re/insure every phase of any nuclear project, from design and construction of nuclear power stations through the fuel cycle to decommissioning.

Nuclear risks products
  • Nuclear perils inside and outside of nuclear facilities
  • Transportation and delivery of fuel
  • Secure removal
  • Storage
  • Reprocessing
  • Non-nuclear losses at nuclear facilities
  • Capital provision combined with risk transfer
  • Traditional insurance and mutuals


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