London Property, Casualty and Specialty

What we do

The London Property, Casualty and Specialty team comprises a broad-based, multi-faceted group of reinsurance experts. The unique approach can include considering reinsurance from the triple perspectives of the potential role of non-traditional products and markets, the impact on capital of Reinsurance, and the growing threat of cyber-triggered loss.

The team operates into four principal areas:

  • Property & Casualty treaty
  • Specialty (including Aviation Reinsurance, Political Risk & Violence, Structured credit, Trade Credit, Construction, Surety and Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions)
  • Cyber reinsurance, retro and facultative
  • Property D&F and retrocession

Our Retro team and Property and Casualty team have strong experience with clients domiciled all over the world including a wide range of coverages with both Traditional and ILS Non-Traditional Capacity.

Our Specialty team have a wide range of experience from political risk to credit and asset financing to film completion bonds on behalf of a global customer base. The team also is well known for its focus on developing  opportunities in emerging risk classes, for example, our cyber reinsurance team is widely recognised as expert in risk assessment and measurement, programme design, and distribution.

London Property, Casualty and Specialty products

  • Property quota share
  • Risk and/or Cat Excess of Loss
  • Aggregate / Stop Loss Reinsurance
  • UNL retrocession
  • Industry Loss Warranty
  • Utilisation of Traditional or ILS non-traditional capacity
  • Multi-year, multi-class capital relief and retention financing structured products


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