Capsicum Re is on a journey that goes beyond profit and loss. The Foundation is designed to make our financially focused business stop and look at things differently.

The Foundation’s impetus comes from a swirl of ideas, rather than a forced (or fake) corporate demand for a CSR programme. However, it has a clear business rationale. We believe our commitment to our chosen causes helps set the tone of our organisational culture. It is naturally attractive to the highly capable, educated individuals we are keen to attract and retain, both as reinsurance specialists and clients.

As much as we like to go beyond simple financial measures, money does talk. The Foundation was started with an initial donation from the Founders. In 2016 it was expanded to include the Partners, who together donated to create a collective enterprise in 2017.

A sizeable team participated in the Race to the Stones ultra-marathon in 2017, raising an astonishing sum of more than £170,000.00. The money was used to build a vocational school in Nepal.

So far donations and sponsorship of the Foundation have raised more than £250,000 which has helped to support several charities, including Stacey’s Smiles, Richard House Trust, the Lewis Moody Foundation, the SBS Association, the Not Forgotten Association, and the Nepal Youth Foundation.

In memory of the recent tragic and sudden death of our dear friend and colleague, the Capsicum Re Foundation has established the Harry Richards Memorial Trust. Funds raised will be donated to a charity chosen by Harry’s family. Anyone interested in making a donation should contact the Foundation Committee by emailing