Cyber Reinsurance

What we do

Capsicum Re’s cyber practice comprises the biggest and most innovative cyber reinsurance team in the world, with dedicated, specialist cyber experts. Instead of adopting a line-of-business stance, the team is uniquely peril-focussed. Members consider constantly the possible effects of the cyber peril on various industries and customers. Assessment begins from the perspective of primary insureds – from individual consumers to global conglomerates – and moves through to the cyber peril’s impact on the ultimate capital providers, whether reinsurers, retrocessionaires or ILS investors.

Throughout the process, the team supports customers and reinsurers with comprehensive analytics. They have completed the world’s first and only cyber Industry Loss Warranty, built a cyber consortium and placed the largest-ever individual cyber deal. Capsicum Re has a dedicated cyber reinsurance office in New York.

Cyber reinsurance products
  • Traditional uncapped quota share
  • Stop-loss
  • Aggregate per policy risk excess
  • Retrocession
  • MGA start-ups
  • Wordings
  • Pricing tools
  • Aggregate management
  • Consortia
  • Line-slips
  • Cyber ILS


Gh0st ransomware model

Gh0st is a unique solution tailored to help our clients optimise their portfolio in a rapidly changing claims environment, haunted by increasing frequency of ransomware events, larger extortion payments and longer periods of business interruption.

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