Our Bermudian operation

Bermuda’s geographical position, regulatory environment, favourable tax structure and wealth of talent and expertise places it at the heart of the world’s insurance and reinsurance industry. Its rapid ascent as a global hub for reinsurance has led to over 1,200 international insurers and reinsurers establishing operations in the country.

Neville Ching is the Managing Partner of our Bermudian operation with Richard Borgonon and Brian Gulbransen as partners, supported by Chelsea Burns.

The team works closely with our London office utilising experience and knowledge to devise innovative and bespoke solutions for our clients across a wide range of classes including:

  • Property Reinsurance
  • Global Catastrophe
  • Retrocession covers
  • Marine & Energy
  • Retrocession Industry
  • Loss Warranty and other Index based products
  • Dynamic Reinsurance solutions for Direct & Facultative portfolios

This collaborative approach ensures we deliver a seamless and consistent approach that advocates our customers’ requirements above all else.

Office location

Capsicum Re
106 Pitts Bay Road

+  1 441 824 4321