Aviation Reinsurance

What we do

Our aviation reinsurance practice is led by David Bell, one of the market’s leading experts with over 30 years of aviation experience.

We are here to challenge the status quo: we view a traditional market through a modern lense and help clients understand and prepare for the emerging risks technology is creating, ranging from space tourism to pilotless aviation and more. We have a truly independent risk viewpoint, one that is based upon technical knowledge and the development of forward-thinking analytical tools, providing us with the ability to create truly innovative solutions and structures that respond to the client’s needs and risk landscape.

We cover aviation all risks, hull, war, third party war and satellite.

Aviation reinsurance products
    • Traditional uncapped quota share
    • Stop-loss/ Aggregate Excess of loss
    • Traditional Occurrence Excess of loss
    • Retrocession
    • Risk Excess


David Bell

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